Internet of Everything Case Study VITAS

Providing Better Hospice Care

VITAS Innovative Healthcare connects caregivers with innovative mobile applications delivered by Cisco and the Internet of Everything.


  • Deliver exceptional end-of-life care
  • Accelerate the introduction of new applications and reduce risk
  • Increase the productivity of caregivers and other staff


  • Standardized wired and wireless networks on reliable Cisco networking infrastructure
  • Gained network visibility to safeguard patient data
  • Completed data center migration and consolidation


  • Reduced the device cost of connecting caregivers by more than 18 percent
  • Used data to improve staff communications on 60,000 calls quarterly
  • Reduced deployment time for mobile applications from months to one week
Our goal is ground-breaking work in healthcare. But first, we need a solid network foundation to build upon.
- Patrick Hale,
Senior Vice President and CIO
VITAS Innovative Healthcare