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Security, Privacy, and Compliance

Increasing threats mean hospitals need to find new ways to provide healthcare cybersecurity.

Healthcare security challenges

The threat surface in healthcare is one of the largest of any industry.

15 – 20

15 to 20 IP devices in a typical patient hospital room.

Source : HIT Infrastructure

$6.45 M

Healthcare has the highest average cost per breach for any industry, averaging 6.45 million dollars. 

Source : Ponemon Institute


287 unique IT systems required for care delivery.

Source : NiT Health

Capabilities and solutions

Healthcare cybersecurity

Block threats, contain intruders, and improve visibility to protect your systems and patient data from cyberattacks with an end-to-end integrated security portfolio.

Medical device and IoT security

Design and build secure and segmented networks to better protect administrative and research networks, medical devices, guest wireless, and more from cybersecurity threats.

Successful security outcomes

We asked healthcare providers around the world how they successfully implement security strategies within their organizations. See the top factors contributing to their success.

Secure the future of healthcare

Prepare for tomorrow with the tools for today. See what's possible with Cisco Secure and Cisco SecureX.