A Journey to Better Health

When it comes to health, every experience matters. Cisco technology improves the patient and provider experience every step of the way. Take a tour through the care journey, below.

Starting the journey

Life naturally takes a toll on health, making it vital to address issues as they arise. This is where a patient's virtual care journey begins.

Scheduling an appointment

Booking an appointment is easier than ever with the help of friendly chatbots.

Changing the plan

Cancellations happen. Now, doctors can fill unexpected vacant time slots with the help of automated tools that match patients on a waiting list to appointment openings.

Seeing the doctor

Virtual consultations are seamless and secure with telehealth calls launched directly from a provider's app. With integration into EMR systems, clinicians spend less time documenting post appointment.

Scheduling a follow up

Remote agents make scheduling a follow-up simple with live voice chat and SMS chat links.

Care anywhere powered by Webex by Cisco

Webex CPaaS Solutions (formerly imimobile)

See how powerful technology helps to improve patient experiences and access to care.

Cisco Webex Contact Center

Smarter solutions enable agents to work remotely with confidence.

Webex Instant Connect

Accelerate the growth of telehealth with EMR system integrations.

Having a procedure

Smarter facilities increase efficiencies for the care team and improve patient experiences during hospital stays.  

Finding the equipment

Location services allow care teams to quickly locate necessary equipment—like a wheelchair.

Smarter recovery

Care teams can better prioritize their time with smart, sustainable technology that gives patients control over HVAC, lighting, blinds, and more from the comfort of their beds.

Remote patient observation

Care teams can observe patients remotely through a secure video feed. 

Smart hospital stay powered by…

Cisco DNA Center

Help to ensure an optimal experience with the right technology supporting your network.

Cisco Spaces

Drive operational efficiencies and streamline clinical workflows with a powerful smart buildings cloud platform.

Medical device integration

Facilitating data-driven care delivery with medical device integration.

Meraki smart cameras

Gain vision and control with a secure video solution.

Strong security

With strong security that helps ensure data is protected, you’re free to focus on delivering quality care. 

Your data. Secured.

If a bad actor holds medical equipment ransom, needed care could be delayed. Securely connect medical, mobile and endpoint devices, giving patients and clinicians peace of mind.

Secure healthcare powered by…

Cisco SecureX

Deploy the broadest, most integrated platform for greater simplicity, visibility, and efficiency. 

Cisco Identity Services Engine

Zero-trust security for the workforce that everyone and everything connects to.

Cisco Umbrella

Access flexible, fast, and effective cloud-delivered security.


Safeguard your users, devices, and applications with powerful security.

Helping to enable efficiency

Helping patients and doctors find the answers faster. That's the power of smarter technology.

Communicating with care

Webex devices allow care teams to communicate remotely. 

Facilitating remote consultation

Video conference calls allow care teams to collaborate on patient health outcomes and share content or writing on whiteboards.

Clinical efficiencies powered by…

Hybrid work

Deliver secure care anywhere.

Unified workforce

Stay connected. Call, meet, message, and get work done.

Webex meetings

Keep that in-person meeting feeling, regardless of physical location.

Webex devices

Intelligent endpoints to support better care delivery.

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