Cisco Wins 2012 Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards

Awards for Medical Equipment and Infrastructure

KLAS announced that Cisco won the 2012 Best in KLAS Awards for medical equipment and infrastructure.

"Best in KLAS recognition—which indicates leadership in working with customers to resolve issues and match needs to delivered solutions—is awarded to healthcare vendors who have consistently excelled in their market segment(s)," said Adam Gale, president of KLAS.

Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards

Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards

Award for Medical Equipment and Infrastructure.

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KLAS recently completed its first research report in the wireless space with specific emphasis on voice communication systems that are instrumental in improving patient care and satisfaction.

Customer Quotes

"Cisco has been a very responsive company from a support perspective. We have been pleased with how they have taken care of us as a customer."

"Cisco is our partner of choice, and they have been the right choice. They do the network space really well. Our 792X system runs extremely well. When we were looking to replace phone systems four years ago, Cisco was the cream of the crop. The local Cisco representatives are very good, and there are many VARs in our area."

"Cisco is doing a great job working with our clinical IT applications. We have great integration, and Cisco understands what we need."

"The devices and hardware that Cisco provides for their wireless network product are excellent. They are very durable. We have had virtually no downtime on the hardware, nor have we had to replace any of the hardware in over a year. This saves us money, time, and resources and provides for excellent uptime, which is over 98%."

About KLAS

KLAS is a research firm specializing in monitoring and reporting on the performance of healthcare vendors. Its mission is to improve delivery by independently measuring vendor performance for the benefit of healthcare provider partners, consultants, investors, and vendors. Working with executives from over 4500 hospitals and over 2500 clinics, KLAS delivers timely reports, trends, and statistics that provide a solid overview of vendor performance in the industry. It measures performance of software, professional service, and medical equipment vendors. For more information, go to, email, or call 1-800-920-4109 to speak with a KLAS representative.

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