Connected Health Service

The digital future for healthcare is now

We offer services to help you plan, implement, and optimize your digital healthcare platform—the very platform that empowers your clinicians to work better, anywhere and anytime. We enable patient records that reflect the continuum of care and are available wherever clinicians need them. Regardless of location, care teams can more securely collaborate among themselves, as well as communicate with patients, without safety concerns. And because the network foundation is so reliable, you can count on it and your applications to work.

Digital Network Architecture for Healthcare

A combination of horizontal-technology infrastructure best practices and industry-focused architecture best practices uniquely positions our Digital Network Architecture for Healthcare (DNA for Healthcare) to provide a pinnacle of design and services that can deliver your desired outcomes.

Cisco Validated Design Foundation
DNA for Healthcare uses several Cisco Validated Designs as its infrastructure foundation, so you can be assured that proven best practices and architecture designs are in use. These validated designs are then applied in ways that address the unique characteristics of healthcare.

Network Architecture for Healthcare

Healthcare Infrastructure Design Characteristics
DNA for Healthcare addresses the complex and dynamic nature of clinical information, its regulatory requirements, and the need for timely access to data with healthcare-focused infrastructure design characteristics, including reliability, security, contextual scalability, mobility, and interoperability.

What Makes It All Possible

What makes it all possible

Make sure your underlying platform for delivery stays one step ahead.

Connected Health Service offers

Navigate evolving technology and digital transformation with our healthcare technology experts. We’ll start by aligning your clinical, IT, and business objectives. Then we’ll provide strategy, an architecture roadmap, and design to enable digital solutions that improve patient experiences and optimize your operations.

Accelerate time to value and decrease total cost of ownership to stay focused on your core business and clinical goals. Take advantage of our expert implementation assistance to strategically install, configure, and integrate your new network solutions and applications.

Keep your network and patient data safe as your organization grows. Our experts can provide ongoing support to optimize your clinical workflows, infrastructure design, clinical application integration, iOS devices, and regulatory compliance. We’ll help you roll out new services efficiently so your business can grow faster.

Prepare for Emerging Trends

Prepare for digital transformation

Achieve your desired care delivery outcomes with industry leading services

Industry-leading partnerships

Cisco and Apple
By bringing together the leading provider of secure wireless networks with the leading mobile-platform provider, we can optimize your iOS-device experience for every clinician and every hospital.

Optimize Your Network for iOS

Optimize your network for iOS

Make the mobile experience for clinicians what it should with Cisco and Apple. (PDF - 269 KB)

Cisco and GE Healthcare
Combining our enterprise-network security, architecture, and design expertise with GE’s clinical devices, multivendor support, and workflow experience, we can offer advanced solutions and services that improve the security of converged IT networks.

Secure Networked Clinical Devices

Secure networked clinical devices

Secure your network from the edge to the core with Cisco and GE Healthcare.