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Data-driven Clinical Workflows

Clinicians need to be securely connected to deliver accurate, efficient, and effective care.

Clinical experience and workflow challenges


A 500-bed hospital loses over 4 million dollars annually as a result of communication inefficiencies.


Less than 5 percent of patient data is processed for clinical care.


77 percent of IT wants to integrate communication solutions into clinical workflow management and documentation.

Customer stories

Cisco solutions are transforming and digitizing healthcare spaces.

Sky Lakes Medical Center

Simplifying IT to deliver reliable patient care.

Keeping critical care equipment within reach. (2:05)

Capabilities and solutions

Hybrid cloud platform for clinical applications

Transforming workloads for clinical applications, patient data, and business systems with a secure and reliable hybrid cloud and on-premise digital platform.

Clinical communications and collaboration

Strengthen your clinicians’ and support team’s ability to communicate and collaborate anytime with everyone on the care team, wherever they are.

Medical device integration and artificial intelligence

Enable clinical distancing without sacrificing quality of care using Cisco’s secure network architecture and switches to aggregate and remotely view contextual patient data from bedside medical monitoring devices.

Location services for clinical environments

Leverage location data to enable clinical operational efficiency, respond to staff duress, improve patient throughput capabilities, and monitor asset utilization.