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Pushing the boundaries of technology and healthcare.

We’re here for you

See how Cisco is supporting health systems through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Solutions for healthcare providers

Patient experience

Foster engagement and satisfaction onsite and beyond with wayfinding, telehealth, etc.

Clinical experience

Improve workflow efficiency using clinical communication and location services solutions.

Security and compliance

Address cybersecurity, medical devices, patient privacy, and regulatory requirements.

Clinical, business, and IT operations

Maximize staff and IT efficiency, reduce waste, and keep costs down.

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Making a difference for your patients

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Often when someone needs help, they feel alone. But you can do something about that.
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Even when far away, technology can connect them with care providers instantly.
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When in the hospital, their care team can include remote experts to improve care.
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Their health information is instantly available on any device to those who need it…while being secure from those who do not.
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Friends and family can find them quickly with wayfinding maps that are available with a touch.
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And care-providers are able to locate the medical tools they need with the help of the always-on network.
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Aftercare is better and easy to set up—the contact center has instant access to a patient’s records and a doctor’s schedule.
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These are the ways that your hospital delivers care to one person at a time…and to all your patients all at once.

Cisco Healthcare in action

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    The City of Houston

    See how telehealth reduces ER transports and helps patients get the care they need—faster.

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    Viet Duc Hospital

    Learn how a hospital in Vietnam is reaching out to patients and doctors nationwide—through telemedicine.

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    LA Children’s Hospital

    Find out how one hospital is connecting IoT medical devices—securely.

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    Miami Children’s Hospital

    See how Wayfinding and other Wi-Fi-based services are improving the patient experience.

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    Mercy Virtual

    Learn how the right Contact Center makes follow-up easier and increases patient satisfaction.


Use the HIMSS Analytics Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM) to assess and map the technology capabilities required to reach your clinical and operational goals--and to meet international benchmarks and standards.

Solutions for life sciences and pharmaceuticals

Connect R&D and manufacturing to speed time to market--from research to clinical trials to delivery.

Latest news

The inflection point of healthcare technology

Telehealth doesn’t have to be complicated to be meaningful to families. 

Leaders in healthcare

Cisco’s Barbara Casey on why we should establish a personal health record for each person.

Cisco and American Well are teaming up

An on-demand doctor on TV could keep seniors from unnecessary ER visits and potentially make it easier for them to live independently.

The AI diagnosis

Technology advances are going to change the nature of patient diagnosis. In the not-too-distant future, your diagnosis may be generated at least in part by an artificially intelligent system.