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Digital Community Success Factors

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Digital Community Success Factors

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Architectures and Solutions

Solutions for Common Core

Cisco offers products, services, and solutions to help schools make the transition to Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Collaboration and Video Architecture

  • Digital Media Solutions

    Cisco Digital Media solutions are delivered over an educational institution's existing IP network, and include Cisco Digital Signs, Cisco Show and share and more.

  • TelePresence

    Extend the classroom with the Cisco teleconferencing tool that offers an in-person meeting environment.

  • WebEx

    Extend campus borders and enrich educational experiences with Cisco WebEx online collaboration.

Data Center and Virtualization Architecture

Educational institution can reduce costs and enhance learning offerings with Cisco Data Center and Cisco Cloud Computing solutions.

Enterprise Networks Architecture

Cisco Borderless Networks help educators and administrators gain next-generation learning and improved efficiency.

  • Transition to IPv6

    Create a strategy to integrate IPv6 into the existing IPv4 network infrastructure at your educational institution.

Security Architecture

  • Safety and Security for Schools

    Help secure your networks, respond to threats, and communicate across different sectors of your school community.

  • Secure Mobility and BYOD

    Deliver highly secure mobile experiences to more users on more devices with Cisco Secure mobility and BYOD solutions for education.

Unified Workspace for Education

Simply connecting students´ mobile devices to the network isn't enough to ensure a broad, collaborative learning experience.

  • Mobile Collaboration
  • Cisco video and collaboration solutions can help your educational institution create new opportunities for learning.

    • Mobile Video
    • Connect workers in high definition using Cisco mobile video solutions like Movi.

Cisco Open Network Environment SDN Solutions for Education

The Cisco ONE approach, based on use cases, focuses on developing a portfolio of complementary technologies.