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Smart Workspaces

Increase student and staff productivity

Transform your campus with collaborative, digital workspaces that boost productivity. With Smart Workspaces, schools and universities can operate efficiently in a rapidly changing environment. Support innovation and meet student needs for educational accessibility and campus connectivity.

Create workplace efficiencies

Operate cost effectively

Make your campus workspaces smarter, saving resources and optimizing productivity for staff and students. 

Satisfy student requirements

Meet students' rising need for access and connectivity.

Enhance the user experience

Offer an integrated digital workspace to improve the student and staff experience, recruitment, and retention.

Drive innovation

Support innovation with highly secure ways to connect, communicate, and conduct research.

University of British Columbia: Making buildings smarter

The lightbulb moment came when I realized we could use [network] data to make buildings responsive to people.

Stefan Storey, CEO and co-founder, Sensible Building Science


Simplify network administration

Automate network configuration and setup while protecting users, data, and apps. 

Cisco Cloudlock    Cisco APIC-EM    Cisco Networking for Education

Power location-based services

Location intelligence provides data and analytics on how students and staff move through campus. Help enable relevant experiences, services, and space management.

Increase workspace productivity

Make it easy for students, staff, and administrators to work effectively, regardless of location.

Drive efficiency

Reduce your carbon footprint and increase productivity with connected lighting and energy management. 


Translate technology into student success with our global expertise, innovation, and service quality.

Experience next-generation education

Take our virtual tour to see how schools and universities are using Cisco technology across campuses.

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The Cisco Digital Education Platform is your foundation for student success in a connected world. Built on a highly secure core network, the platform provides uncompromising collaboration tools, state-of-the-art wireless, and security everywhere.

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