Design Zone for Digital Network Architecture (DNA)

A network infrastructure that's digital ready

A network infrastructure that’s digital ready

The digitization of business processes is putting new demands on the enterprise network. Get validated design guidance on the Cisco Digital Network Architecture. It’s our open, software-driven, services-centric approach to network design.

Explore the DNA Design Zone

Download lab-validated design and deployment guides for DNA solutions.


Insights and analytics

Understand network usage and optimize it to better serve the objectives of your organization.

Automation and assurance

Automation and assurance

Use automation capabilities to design, provision, apply policy and provide campus network assurance with an intelligent campus fabric.


Security and compliance

Set up policies so your network behaves the way you want as you comply with regulatory requirements.



Efficiently use a common infrastructure to supply logically segmented network transport and services.


Fast and flexible network services deployment

Get an overview of Cisco DNA and understand the technical requirements of a digital-ready network.

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DNA-ready foundation

See how you can build an enterprise infrastructure foundation ready to support the benefits of DNA. Explore our validated designs, deployment guides, and supporting white papers.