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Fast, More Secure Application Deployment

See how the Cisco ACI and Microsoft Cloud Platform solution can benefit you. (2:28 min)

Fast, More Secure Application Deployment

Take Full Advantage of the Microsoft Cloud Platform

There are three key Microsoft components to the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) for Microsoft Cloud Platform:

  • Hyper-V integration connects physical servers by managing networking through a consistent policy approach.
  • Microsoft Systems Center integration lets you plug into the Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), set up networking, and apply policy models.
  • Microsoft Azure Pack integration facilitates the setup of tenancy and self-service portals.

If you want to take on the role of service provider, the integration with Azure Pack helps you offer comprehensive, customer-facing self-services. You can also deploy agile infrastructure on an as-a-service basis, with load balancer as-a-service and firewall as-a-service.

ACI Simplifies Cloud Security

Our solution helps secure the inside of your data center using application-centered network policies that segment and isolate application tiers. This segmentation closes an important gap in on-demand application delivery. Three ACI elements help provide this security:

  • Multitenancy: supported natively in fabric hardware with full isolation and segmentation across tenants
  • Microsegmentation: dividing the data center into smaller zones and provisioning security at the perimeter, between application tiers, and between devices within tiers.
  • Granular authentication: used for role-based access control and authentication, as well as accounting

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