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Video Data Sheet

Video Data Sheet

Accenture and Cisco UCS for ERP solution. (4:44 min)

Accenture Cisco Data Center Solutions

Consolidation, cloud computing, enterprise resource planning (ERP), infrastructure-as-a-service: working together to help enable a next-generation data center.

Accenture Cisco Global Business delivers breakthrough data center solutions that can help you usher in a cost-effective, next-generation data center. Collaborating for a year prior to the launch of the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) platform, Accenture and Cisco now offer distinctive, co-developed data center solutions using Cisco's advanced x86 technology. Our solutions include data center, server, storage, and database capabilities, as well as business service management, IT asset management, service delivery, and support.

Our experienced system integrators and networking professionals use the Cisco UCS platform to expertly and cost effectively integrate network, computing, and virtualization technologies into one cohesive system that helps you establish regulatory compliance and audit trails.

Accenture Cisco Data Center Solutions include:

Unified Computing Solution for Data Center Consolidation
We work with you to rapidly deploy private cloud solutions based upon the Cisco UCS and VBlock unified infrastructures with seamless management layers consisting of commercial or open-source products.

Unified Computing Solution for Enterprise Resource Planning
Our ERP offering provides your organization with an end-to-end infrastructure that is lower in cost and offers virtualization capabilities to help you easily transition ERP and other enterprise applications from big computers/mainframes to the new Cisco UCS platform.

SAP on Vblock provides a validated unified communications infrastructure to virtualize ERP more securely and cost effectively using Cisco UCS, VMware server virtualization solutions, and EMC storage solutions.

Unified Computing for Infrastructure-as-a-Service
We help telecommunications and service providers rapidly deploy dynamic and scalable cloud solutions, providing them with the means to offer infrastructure services to end customers in a cloud model. Our solution provides relevant use cases and features that are specific to the industry's customer interface needs, business models, management and security needs, and service portfolios that are required for service providers offering IaaS services.