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Updated:October 26, 2021

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Updated:October 26, 2021


What is full-stack observability?

Full-stack observability provided by Cisco® solutions moves beyond domain monitoring into full-stack visibility, insights, and actions, transforming siloed data into actionable insights that provide shared context for your IT teams.

Full-stack observability from Cisco


      For your digital business, deliver exceptionalexperiences, optimize for cost and performance,and maximizedigital business revenue

      For your IT teams, gain real-time visibility into the full stack of available data across the digital experience

      Contextualize data, system interactions and interdependencies, and business metrics to gain actionable insights into applications and digital experiences and prioritize next steps across your teams

Customer expectations for digital experiences today

More than ever, digital experiences have become the way we live, going from being a convenience to a necessity. Today’s end users now have a low tolerance for bad digital experiences and are quick to blame the brand of the application or digital service regardless of who is responsible. Organizations have little room for error, with 57 percent of users reporting that brands have one shot to impress them, and that if a digital service does not perform, they won’t use them again.

Your applications, however, are just the front door to an expansive digital landscape that is evolving and growing in scale and complexity. With more interdependencies, more data, more clouds and providers, it all adds up to more blind spots. Today, 75 percent of global technologists say they are faced with more IT complexity than ever before, and wrestle with overwhelming “data noise” without the resources and support they need to understand it. Managing it from isolated islands of monitoring for applications, infrastructure, security, and networks is both inefficient and ineffective and quickly becomes beyond human scale and capability.

Cisco solutions enable you to have an observable and optimizable technology stack in order to streamline the operations of the teams supporting your technology. With unified contextual insights driven from a single solution providing full-stack observability across your entire application landscape, you can deliver exceptional digital experiences to your users and correlate them to the impact on your business.

Full-stack visibility, insights, and action

It’s time to move beyond siloed-domain monitoring and gain full-stack visibility, insights, and actions – your digital business and customers demand it. Our full-stack observability solutions enable you to deliver unmatched application experiences and streamlined operations. By centralizing and correlating application performance analytics across the full stack, IT teams can better collaborate to isolate issues and optimize application experiences. Our unique combination of full-stack observability and business telemetry gives you the power to prioritize your actions so you can deliver flawless customer experiences that drive revenue streams while accelerating digital transformation.

Delivering full-stack observability today

We deliver a full-stack observability architecture to transform your operations today with integrations across AppDynamics®, Cisco ThousandEyes, Cisco Intersight, and Cisco Secure Application.

      AppDynamics adds the business context and correlation that enables teams to align and prioritize based on what matters most to their bottom line.

      ThousandEyes integrations enable application performance to be correlated to the network and internet that connects users and services.

      Application performance integrations with Cisco Intersight optimization services proactively ensures performance for application experiences while minimizing cloud costs.

      Cisco Secure Application in AppDynamics protects business-critical applications no matter where they run, from the inside out at runtime, to maintain speed and uptime, while balancing risk.

“While most organizations are powerless to respond to third-party connectivity issues, AppDynamics and ThousandEyes gives us unprecedented visibility into every app and service. Together, they provide a roadmap for resolving performance and connectivity issues inside and outside of our network quickly, thoroughly, and proactively to keep our whole environment running at peak performance.”

Hari Vittal,

Senior Engineer, FICO

Start solving more, today

You can't fix what you can't see, and the more you see, the more you solve. Our full-stack observability solutions deliver the top-to-bottom application and infrastructure visibility, insights, and actions that you need, when they matter the most, so you can ensure the best end-user experiences with greater speed, agility, and scale.

For additional information, visit https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/full-stack-observability.html.




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