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Collaboration for Retail

Collaboration boosts engagement

Give customers real-time choices

Use collaboration technology to bring your teams together to better serve customers and run the business. Whether on the retail store floor or in the back office, collaborative teams can move more quickly and be more responsive to customers. Collaboration tools, like video conferencing, accelerate decision making by reducing travel time. Omnichannel-centric teams produce predictive analytics that streamline inventories, increase sales, and build brand loyalty by offering better choices.

Retailers and shoppers embrace technology

Consumers want products and services tailored to their preferences. To satisfy shoppers, retailers rely on collaboration that helps teams meet goals at each stage, from streamlining supply chains to improving point-of-sale. Collaboration solutions like videoconferencing can reduce costs and differentiate retailers.

  • Omnichannel retailing expands

    of retailers say omnichannel initiatives are top priorities

    Gartner, 2018
  • Shoppers want mobile options

    of shoppers prefer retailers that offer mobile technology

    SOTI, 2018
  • Tech improves shopping

    of shoppers say technology improves their experience

    PlanetRetail, 2017

What’s Inside

Shoppers want choices

Consumers expect integration

As consumers move to and from different devices, including desktop computers, laptops, and mobile phones, they expect omnichannel options with seamless integration.

Training improves retail

Collaboration unifies teams

Most shoppers use technology to make purchasing decisions. Retailers use collaboration tools like video conferencing and whiteboarding to train sales associates.

Conferencing advances collaboration

Video enhances meetings

Satisfying today’s digital-savvy consumers requires collaboration. Videoconferencing allows retail teams and partners to meet on any device, in small groups or large gatherings.

Omnichannels improve sales

How to empower successful sales teams

"Omnichannels give customers more options to shop from digital devices, including mobile phones. Collaboration tools give retailers opportunities to connect with associates and partners. The result: happier customers and successful sales teams."