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Cisco Technical Services (TS) Advantage

Minimize business disruption

As part of our high-value services offering, Technical Services (TS) Advantage provides comprehensive technical support for mission-critical networks. We help you achieve the specific operational outcomes you need for your business. Learn how you can increase operational efficiency and reduce business disruption with our expert support team.


Less disruption

Preempt preventable incidents and reduce the effects of unavoidable ones.

More efficiency

Reduce the burden on your IT organization and manage growth more effectively.

More agility

Platinum customers receive customized services to enhance IT agility.

What you get from Technical Services Advantage

All tiers

All Technical Services Advantage customers have access to incident management specialists and knowledge and asset managers. They will provide you with expert analysis, reporting, and recommendations.

Bronze tier

In the Bronze tier, our experts help you improve operational efficiency. They’ll show you how to increase staff productivity and make better use of IT assets. 

Silver tier

The Silver tier includes all the features of Bronze. It puts additional emphasis on reducing time to restoration after a network incident.

Gold tier

The Gold tier includes all the features of Silver. Additional services are designed to reduce planned and unplanned downtime.

Platinum tier

The Platinum tier provides the ultimate level of care. We provide customized services tailored to your unique needs.

Network stability is key for O2 Czech Republic

"The stability of the network has improved, while the downtime caused by software failures, misconfiguration, or not following best practices was minimized. Cisco delivered on time and within budget."

Tomáš Vančura, Network Infrastructure Manager, O2 Czech Republic


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Asset Management Service

Asset Management Service is included with Technical Services Advantage to help achieve operational outcomes. 

Smart Assist Service

Our experts help you enable, use, and get support for your smart capabilities.


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