Justice Agency Optimizes Network Availability and Security

Justice Agency Optimizes Network Availability and Security

State government drives more efficient and effective interagency collaboration with guidance from Cisco Services.

A state agency grows its network with confidence using a small support staff and Cisco Network Optimization Service.

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  • Support growing network access and security requirements with a small networking staff
  • Deliver round-the-clock availability of the network to protect public safety
  • Provide highly secure access for employees, contractors, and other state and federal agencies


  • Cisco Network Optimization Service improves network availability and security
  • Dedicated Cisco resources work with agency IT staff to mitigate risks
  • Cisco enterprise network products create sophisticated hub for law enforcement activities


  • Grew network 30 percent without adding new IT staffing resources
  • Optimized security and availability of network
  • Reduced completion time for network-related projects

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