Philips Advocates Board-Level Global Collaboration

Cisco Services provides design services and product support services for Philips board-Level global collaboration with Cisco TelePresence system.

Philips puts innovative multimedia Cisco TelePresence system at center of strategic decision-making worldwide.

It needed to give us a higher return on the high-tech investment than just immersive video conferencing, vital though that was. The unparalleled expertise and technical knowledge inherent in the Cisco Services team ensured we would meet that objective.
- Jap Jongedijk, Deputy Secretary, Philips Executive Committee


Fast-moving business conditions demanded that the Philips executive committee in the Netherlands stay in close touch with managers around the globe.

  • Facilitate virtual global collaboration between top executives in person, instantly, and at any time


A multi-functional boardroom using Cisco TelePresence System.

  • Cisco Services design and technical services created custom-built video-enabled multimedia boardroom based on Cisco TelePresence System 3210


The new video-enabled boardroom is enhancing insight into global operations, accelerating decision-making, and eliminating travel.

  • Executive empowerment with top-level shift away from traveling for face-to-face meetings and toward instantaneous video collaboration
  • Faster decision-making, with sharper regional market insights and improved global business coordination
  • Multifunctional design maximizes room occupancy and return on investment

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