Newegg Boosts Sales and Customer Satisfaction

Newegg Boosts Sales and Customer Satisfaction

Newegg Boosts Sales and Customer Satisfaction

Newegg grew from a startup to become one of the largest online retailers of computer hardware and software. While its selection of more than 3 million products and competitive pricing played a role, it was the company's dedication to the overall shopping experience that really distinguished it.

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We went from zero sales in Cisco services to significant services sales in the first quarter. It's obvious there was a huge untapped demand for Cisco services among our customers.
- James Young, Merchandiser, Warranty & Services, Newegg


  • Sell Cisco Small Business Support Service with Small Business products
  • Tie serial number of product to service contract easily
  • Help customers gain increased value and satisfaction from purchases


  • New service purchase and entitlement capability allows partners to sell services the same way they sell products
  • Online end-customer registration capability enables easy activation of service contracts


  • Went from zero service sales to a significant services attach in first quarter alone
  • Enabled Newegg to offer Cisco services for the first time, delivering greater customer satisfaction on their hardware purchases while contributing greater margin
  • It is now easy for end users to enter serial numbers, entitling them to their service contracts immediately

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