Medical Diagnostic Testing Company Optimizes Network Health

Cisco Network Optimization and smartnet services help Medical Diagnostics Company improve productivity and a more resilient network.

Network visibility increases resilience to directly benefit network-centric point-of-care delivery of medical test results.

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With the Network Optimization Service engagement, our Cisco engineer gives us insights into our network that allow us to avoid future issues.
- Manager, Network Engineering, major provider of medical diagnostic testing services


Multiple acquisitions and growth rate have made it difficult to know there is a problem, until there is a problem.

  • Avoid network issues that could disrupt or delay time-critical, life-affecting treatments
  • Adopt proactive network management
  • Facilitate better network planning and better align the network to the business needs


Efficient monitoring and issue resolution processes to become proactive instead of reactive.


Improved the team's productivity and gave the company a more resilient network.

  • Rapid identification of issues that could affect the network
  • Cost-effective augmentation of skill sets and tools with expert assistance
  • At-a-glance visibility of the overall state of the network, resulting in fewer TAC cases and more efficient network management

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