Insurance Company Streamlines Asset Management

Insurance company uses Cisco and partner  LaSalle Solutions to simplify network management and reduce vendor contracts.

Insurance firm boosts IT agility and achieves contract renewal savings by partnering with LaSalle Solutions and Cisco.

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We felt so comfortable working with the combined team, and we were so happy with where they'd taken us, that we extended to a multi-year contract.
- Storage Area Network Administrator, U.S. Insurance Company


An expanding network leads to a confusing variety of products from numerous different vendors.

  • Simplify asset management and interactions with Cisco support
  • Gain clear, accurate picture of all assets within network infrastructure
  • Consolidate number of contracts to streamline renewals and procurement process


Cisco and LaSalle Solutions, a value-added reseller, simplify equipment maintenance and offer a 24-hour technical support service that provides flexible, device coverage.

  • Cisco Services and LaSalle Solutions provide audit of storage and network infrastructure
  • LaSalle's LAMP offers network visibility and asset reports from one convenient interface
  • LaSalle and Cisco provide ongoing support for all asset management needs


A clear picture of all network assets and contracts, both from Cisco and other vendors, as well as the ability to respond to current and future needs.

  • Reduced number of contracts by 33%, easing day-to-day asset management
  • Achieved financial savings by switching from one year to multi-year renewal contract
  • Freed up IT resources to focus on more valuable tasks

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