University Greatly Simplifies IT Operations Management

Goroge Mason University tracks IT assets with Smart Net Total Care Service from Cisco.

George Mason University uses Smart Net Total Care Service to inventory and track IT assets.

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With the inventory management, reporting, and other functions available to us now, we have one place to go to see all of our equipment.
- David Robertson, Service Delivery Manager Network Engineering, George Mason University


Bring all of their network inventory data together to save time and improve operational efficiency.

  • Conduct detailed, accurate network device inventory
  • Reduce mean time to problem resolution
  • Simplify IT Operations Management


Actionable intelligence and proactive support to increase operational efficiency and reduce risk.


With Smart Net Total Care Service there is now one place to go to see all of the Cisco equipment.

  • Conducted network inventory in hours instead of weeks
  • Reduced mean time to resolution by approximately 30 percent
  • Simplified maintenance

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