California Courts Adopt Innovative Services Delivery Model

California Courts have access to centralized SMARTnet and Cisco Network Optimization Service experts

California Administrative Office of the Courts consolidated, five-year contract and first-in-state services financing plan reduces costs by 31 percent.

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By consolidating multiple services contracts, we are getting better discounts, predictable costs, and the simplicity of one contract and renewal schedule. We are able to keep the courts' networks up and running, with equipment that is well managed.
- Kyle Nishimura, Senior Technical Support Manager, California Administrative Office of the Courts


A statewide network infrastructure that is cost-effectively and efficiently supported.

  • Provide individual courts access to the same Cisco Services expertise, tools, and benefits
  • Discourage the courts from cutting back on maintenance and network optimization


Maintenance and optimization services are available state-wide.


Huge reduction in maintenance and optimization costs of 31 percent.

  • Simplicity of one contract and renewal schedule
  • Improved network availability and maintenance
  • Strengthened inter-agency trust and working relationships

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