Case Study: Neotel

Delivering the 99.999% uptime promise

Delivering the 99.999% uptime promise

With Smart Net Total Care, Cisco Technical Services helps Neotel solve problems faster, improve operational efficiency, and reduce risk of downtime.

Customer highlights

Customer challenges


  • Optimize operational management
  • Reduce risk and overhead costs
Customer results


  • Proactive, faster fault resolution
  • Minimized network downtime
  • New competitive differentiation
  • Lowered costs and released funds for new projects

Smart Net Total Care

"We have tight SLAs with our clients. Without Smart Net Total Care, we certainly won’t be able to deliver on those promises."

Jeetesh Khusal, Senior Manager, Service Assurance, Neotel

Who is Neotel

Industry: Telecommunications
Location: South Africa
Company size: 3.2B South African Rand

Who is Neotel