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Cisco Customer Experience (CX) Offer for Pop-up Sites At-a-Glance

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Updated:July 9, 2020

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Updated:July 9, 2020



      Accelerate IT connectivity for pop-up location set up by implementing the CX offer for Pop-up Sites. It covers up to 100 devices (wired and wireless connections) with data and voice services.

      Speed expansion of corporate facilities, clinics, and classrooms by taking existing services and configuring base connectivity within a few days, expedited by CX engineering experts.

      Maintain security by connecting with your existing networks and security profiles to ensure efficient connectivity of internal resources.

Solution overview

With the unexpected outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new norm of social distancing is required for employees to return to their workplaces. Locations such as clinics, schools, workplaces, and hospitals need to reconfigure their facilities swiftly and efficiently to deal with the requirement of socially distancing employees and keeping them safe, while simultaneously keeping the business sites operational.

Organizations are extending their facility space and capacity by establishing temporary facility expansions in rented spaces and other common areas and connecting back to their corporate network to support social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, critical requirements need to be addressed for providing successful new sites, such as ensuring social distancing; providing safe and secure access to the corporate network within these temporary spaces; backing up data on a daily basis; and seamlessly connecting users to the corporate intranet. Other requirements include the need to ensure quick setup and connectivity, cost-effectiveness, and post-deployment support.

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What it does

Accelerate deployment of workspace, clinic, and classroom pop-up sites

Cisco CX understands the need of the hour and has introduced a new CX offer for Pop-up Sites that delivers a packaged IT infrastructure kit that can be set up within just days to support overflow temporary workspaces. These services provide wired and wireless data and voice capabilities for up to 100 devices (e.g., laptops, desktops, and mobile devices) and can be customized to increase capacity and scale, benefiting from the modularity of the solution.

Cisco CX experts focus on understanding your requirements for setting up additional facility capacity. They help:

      Configure the packaged IT infrastructure kit by connecting to your existing corporate network and security profiles

      Test connectivity prior to production use

      Provide expert guidance for surge workspace equipment and support

With this base infrastructure in place, corporate facilities can quickly stand up temporary facilities, supporting up to 100 devices that can be modularly expanded to accommodate a socially-distanced workplace requirement. Cisco CX also delivers an AS-built document to enable customers to quickly and efficiently utilize the deployed IT infrastructure.

CX advisory experts address quick, scalable, modular expansion needs based on general office, classroom, or clinical and hospital use cases.

      Office extension pop-ups: Support employees with social distancing requirements by providing a secured wired and wireless environment as employees return back to their physical workspaces. We also connect customers back to the corporate network, so you can enjoy easy access to internal resources.

      Clinic extension pop-ups: We provide the IT equipment and configuration to connect temporary or pop-up clinic extensions back to the main hospital, clinic, or pharmacy’s backend systems for vaccinations, drive-through testing facilities, and quick patient checkups. Through the connected expansion solution, pop-up clinics, pharmacies, doctor offices, and field hospitals can maintain PCI and HIPPA compliance requirements, as well as continue regular access to records databases.

      Classroom extension pop-ups: We support customers with implementation of a packaged IT infrastructure kit for teachers and staff who need temporary classroom spaces like Blackboards, Google classrooms, or similar classroom applications. This offer also supports teaching staff with temporary meeting locations and workspaces to help them continue to create student lesson plans and provide testing arrangements for their classes.

The CX offer for Pop-up Sites includes services to cover the Cisco products and solutions outlined in Table 1.

Table 1.        CX offer for Pop-up Sites – Packaged IT Infrastructure Kit

Packaged IT Kit

Product family


Branch Router

Cisco 4000 Integrated Services Router (ISR)


ISR Voice Module

Cisco 4000 ISR Packet Voice Digital Signal Processor module


Alternative LTE transport (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint currently supported)

Cisco LTE Advanced Network Interface Modules WAN Interface cards


Distribution/Access switching

Cisco Catalyst 9300


Wireless LAN Controller

Cisco Wireless LAN Aironet Controller


Indoor Wireless Access Point

Cisco Aironet 2800 Series Access Point


Wired IP Phone

Cisco IP Phone CP-8865 Series


Aggregation Router

Cisco ASR 1000 series Aggregation Services Router


Standard kit supports up to 100 (wired and wireless combined) devices

Disclaimer: Products above can be increased to support additional scaling requirements

Next steps

Contact your Cisco account manager or Cisco authorized reseller to help you get up and running with the Cisco CX offer for Pop-up Sites. Check here.

Cisco partners can resell Cisco Services leveraging Cisco delivery and tools. For resell opportunities, contact your Cisco account manager on the ordering process.

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