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Services and Support for Integration

A single, seamless interface for former Lancope partners and customers to open or manage service renewals and requests.

Welcome to Cisco Services! We take pride in offering you award-winning support tools, software support, access to Cisco technology experts, and an extensive knowledge base.

Important Note: Legacy Lancope maintenance agreement migration is occurring in phases. Once Lancope agreements are migrated into Cisco, customers and partners use Cisco processes and tools for technical support and renewals.

Read the services Q&As for commonly asked questions regarding Cisco Service offers, service agreements, renewals, support, and more.

After Lancope agreements are migrated into Cisco, customers and partners use Cisco processes and tools for technical support. Note: Continue to use Lancope tools and processes for maintenance agreements not yet migrated into Cisco.

Create a Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Request

  • To open a TAC request, first register for a Cisco.com user ID. Your contract number should be associated with a Cisco.com user ID. You can do so by visiting the "Access" tab in your Cisco Account Profile. If you don't know your contract number, please contact your Cisco partner or account representative.
  • Once you have a Cisco.com user ID, you can initiate or check on the status of a support case online, by email, or by contacting the TAC by phone:
  • For additional information on obtaining technical support through the TAC, please consult the Technical Support Reference Guide (PDF - 910 KB) Adobe PDF file.

Note: Customers and partners need their Cisco service contract number, serial number/product family and a Cisco.com user ID to open a case.

Manage Access to Cisco Services

The Cisco Service Access Management Tool (SAMT) Locked contenthelps Cisco partners and customers manage access to the services provided by their contracts (technical support/hardware replacement).

There are two ways to determine who has access to these services: Bill to ID or Contract Number.

  • To manage access by Bill to ID, the Bill to ID must be in an individual's Cisco.com profile and selected for support access. This will help ensure that all the Contracts under the Bill to ID can be used for service.
  • To manage access by Contract Number, a Contract Number must be in an individual's Cisco.com profile in order for that individual to obtain service.

Learn more about the Cisco Service Access Management Tool.Locked content


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