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Market Value Statement

WiMAX service providers need low-cost base stations to enhance coverage. While most low-cost base stations suffer from inferior performance, the Cisco BWX 2300 Series Broadband Wireless Access System offers uncompromised radio performance through the use of advanced radio systems.

Product Statement

The Cisco BWX 2300 Series Broadband Wireless Access System offers service providers the following benefits:

  • The ability to offer service in uncovered areas at reduced cost
  • Added capacity where needed in stadiums, shopping centers, or office buildings
  • Multi-input, multi-output (MIMO) service with 3 dB beamforming gain for increased coverage and capacity
  • Complete integration with Cisco Service Exchange Framework (SEF), enabling comprehensive subscriber management and service control
  • A licensed Mobile WiMAX radio access component of the Cisco Broadband Wireless network architecture for a tested, integrated end-to-end system

The Cisco BWX 2300 Series uses a 2-element antenna and MIMO techniques to enhance throughput and capacity in areas where macro-cells are overloaded, or where a macro-cell is not economically justified. Building on more than 20 years of Internet technology innovation, Cisco now uses Mobile WiMAX to extend broadband beyond the reach of wired networks.

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