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Cisco Business 200 Series Access Points

The Cisco Business 200 Series Access Points deliver high density wireless connectivity for small offices. Designed with simplicity, flexibility, and security in mind, the Cisco Business 200 Series Access Points provide superior performance and enhanced range for an optimal user experience.

It's compatible with Cisco Business 100 Series Mesh Extenders to rapidly expand your Wi-Fi network.

Starting at
$235.00 USD*
Cisco Suggested Price
* Final price may vary. Final price set by retailer. For options outside U.S., please consult Cisco Sales.

Features and benefits

Superior performance

Enjoy improved experience and superior Wi-Fi performance from 802.11ac Wave 2 with multiuser multiple-input, multiple-output (MU-MIMO) functionality.

Enhanced coverage

Experience fast and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity across your business. Expand your coverage with additional Cisco Business wireless access points and mesh extenders.


Application Visibility and Control (AVC) and Cisco Umbrella provide pervasive security and control to help safeguard your customers' privacy.


An intuitive web dashboard and the Cisco Business Mobile app help simplify network operations, thereby freeing up valuable time and resources for growth and profitability.

Access points for fast, reliable Wi-Fi performance

Cisco Business 240AC Access Point

Cisco Business Mobile app

Intuitive and easy to use, the Cisco Business Mobile app simplifies network setup, management, and monitoring of Cisco Business Wireless access points and mesh extenders.

Cisco Small Business Support Service

Get software updates, extended access to the Cisco Small Business Support Center, and expedited hardware replacement if you need it. The Cisco Small Business Support Service helps you protect your investment and get added value from Cisco Business products. The service is delivered by Cisco and backed by your Cisco partner.

Small business networking solutions

Operate your network with simple, flexible, and highly secure solutions specifically designed for the small business.