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Peace of Mind for Your Business

Peace of Mind for Your Business

Learn how Cisco Services can help protect your network investment.

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Focus on Your Business, Not on IT

Reduce downtime with fast, expert technical support and flexible hardware coverage. Cisco Services improve network availability and help you get the most value from your Cisco products. Plus, your IT staff gets anytime access to Cisco engineers. That means you can spend your time serving customers and running your business, rather than dealing with IT hassles.

Service plans for your Cisco Small Business products provide more support than a product warranty. A warranty protects you against product defects, but more than 80 percent of support calls are unrelated to faulty materials or manufacturing. Most callers ask about product features, technical issues, or how to expand their networks.

Cisco offers an unlimited number of calls and no restrictions on call duration, so you can get the help you need, and the most from your Cisco product.

Cisco offers additional services so that resellers and partners can keep your network running smoothly. Your Cisco partner can help you select a service that best suits the needs of your business.

More than 6000 resellers rated Cisco the CRN Channel Champion in small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) networking four years in a row. They also gave us the highest rating for support satisfaction.

Once a service plan is purchased, you can access these services by registering your service plan with your product's serial number. For help registering your service, contact your partner or the Small Business Support Center.

How to Buy

Purchase through a Cisco partner:

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Smart Net Total Care Service

Reduce downtime with fast, expert technical support and flexible hardware coverage with Smart Net Total Care Service. Reduce disruption to customers and business operations with 24-hour access to Cisco engineers and an extensive range of resources and tools.

Smart Net Total Care is a device-level service agreement that expands and extends the technical support for Cisco products, including Cisco Small Business products.

What You Get

  • Global 24-hour access to experts in the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) and Small Business Support Center
  • Self-help support through online communities, resources, and tools
  • Advance hardware replacement options, including onsite, 4-hour, and next business day
  • Operating System (OS) software updates


  • Issues resolved faster, due to 24-hour access to live Cisco engineers and advance product replacement
  • Employee productivity and customer satisfaction maintained with higher network availability
  • Never having to buy, stock, or pay shipping on replacement products
  • No customs fees or import duties on replacement products for countries with next-business-day advance hardware replacement

Smart Net Total Care Service

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