Cisco ASR 5000 Series

Cisco ASR 5000 Operating System

Increase Availability and Flexibility

As a Linux-based system, Cisco ASR 5000 operating software is designed for the Cisco ASR 5000 multimedia core platform and Cisco Converged Services Platform.

The software architecture is highly distributed, dividing the processing into distributed modular software tasks to perform specific functions and provide high availability, flexibility, and performance.

Automatically Improve Performance

This operating system helps various tasks take advantage of available processing power throughout the entire system, significantly improving overall system performance. This distribution is done automatically, without operator intervention.

Distribution of the many tasks also:

  • Limits the impact of process or task failures through fault containment
  • Provides a more comprehensive system
  • Significantly reduces subscriber impact

Intra-chassis session recovery helps ensure a transparent experience for subscribers and increases resilience against fiber cuts and loss of power.

Other important features of the Cisco ASR 5000 operating system include the following:

  • Distributed design that provides exceptional performance and service protection
  • Dynamic hardware removal and insertion to keep the system up-and-running without major impact to subscribers
  • Fault containment significantly limits impact when a fault occurs