Cisco VideoGuard Server

Help Secure Your Pay-TV Network and Cut Costs

Protect your pay-TV deployment while reducing TCO with Cisco VideoGuard Server conditional access system. This cardless solution eliminates the costs of distributing and replacing smartcards.

Features and Capabilities

No matter what size your cable or IP network is, you can increase protection cost-effectively with Cisco VideoGuard Server. This solution helps you more securely deliver live and on-demand pay-TV services to lower-priced, cardless devices, such as:

  • Set-top boxes
  • DVRs
  • Gateways

Cisco VideoGuard Server uses unique elements of the most popular hardware chipsets to download new functional and security features without interrupting your pay-TV service. Because you do not need a smartcard reader or CableCARD slot, you reduce your hardware costs.

Your business is safeguarded with the same comprehensive security features that have made Cisco the industry's leading conditional access supplier. Your platform can:

  • Download critical security features before key functions are compromised
  • Prevent device cloning through constant network monitoring and appraisal
  • Send content keys to descramblers in popular, industry-standard chipsets
  • Have ongoing support from our experienced Global Operational Security team

Build a Foundation for New Revenue Streams

Cisco VideoGuard Server can help bring significant pay-TV revenue opportunities to your platform, including:

  • Subscription and on-demand services
  • Video on demand (VoD) that uses either session-based or pre-encrypted content
  • Client DVR or next-generation cloud DVR solutions
  • Content transfer between set-top boxes and unmanaged consumer electronic devices in the home network

You can deploy Cisco VideoGuard Server as a standalone content protection solution or as part of the end-to-end Cisco Videoscape Video Gateway solution.

Cisco VideoGuard Server meets U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) device universality requirements as a CableCARD replacement.

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