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IP Telephony Made Easy

Setting up the internal telephone system for a small business was once strictly the domain of the phone company. Now, you can not only do it with a cost-conscious voice over IP (VoIP) connection, but it's also so simple just about anyone can set up a fully working system in minutes.

Part of Cisco Small Business Voice Systems, the SPA9000 Voice System combines all the features of a traditional phone system—automated attendant functions, three-way conferencing, intercom, hold music, call forwarding, and more—with low-cost long-distance service and a single network for both voice and data.

Additional features of the Cisco SPA9000 Voice System include:

  • High-end features comparable to voice services traditionally found in large businesses
  • Support for 16 Cisco IP phones
  • Multiple levels of password-protected access
  • The ability for an Internet telephone service provider to remotely update software and settings
  • Support for advanced features like shared line appearances, hunt groups, call transfer, call parking, and group paging

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