Jabber Extensible Communications Platform (XCP)

Jabber XCP Clients

Create a Flexible, Personalized Chat Environment

The user-friendly, easy to administer desktop and web clients of Jabber XCP provide advanced, customizable, persistent multiuser chat capabilities from any location. The Jabber client group chat capabilities allow you to:

  • Manage multiple conversations
  • Filter keywords and phrases
  • Search for specific content
  • Personalize images, labels, sounds, shortcut keys, error messages, emoticons, and more

You can also customize and configure Jabber clients for your unique requirements by modifying the look and feel of the user interface, or by turning features on and off. The Jabber interface lets you localize and tailor Jabber clients to match existing styles, or create your own custom instant messaging (IM) solution.

Integrate High-Performance Messaging with Windows XP

Jabber MomentIM is an extensible Windows desktop client that is certified for AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). It combines responsiveness, extensibility, and comprehensive enterprise instant messaging (EIM) functionality.

Jabber MomentIM uses COM-based plug-in architecture to meet the highest performance standards for scalability and reliability, and tightly integrates with Microsoft Windows XP and Vista capabilities. Jabber MomentIM features:

  • Persistent group chat
  • Notifications and presence settings
  • Integration with web conferencing and other collaboration tools
  • Interoperability with AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Google Talk, and other IM clients
  • Management tools for multiple concurrent conversations

Other advanced features are available in the form of plug-ins and are sold separately. Plug-ins include:

  • Persistent group chatQuick conference: Invite contacts to an autocreated temporary group chat.
  • External domain banner: Receive a warning banner if you're engaged in chat with a contact from an external domain.
  • Microsoft Outlook integration: Initiate chats with a single click from Outlook.
  • Disable outflows: Restrict copy and print functionality in group and one-to-one chats.

Jabber Messenger for the Web: Zero-Footprint Web Browser Client

Jabber Messenger for the Web is a zero-footprint, browser-based instant messaging (IM) client. Deploy standards-based, secure IM and other presence services without having to touch every desktop.

  • Simple: Works with any web browser
  • Secure: Runs securely in any environment that uses SSL encryption
  • Extensible: Integrates with customer portals for a high level of presence
  • Customizable: Adds functionality that lets you create your own look and feel
  • Flexible: Stays compatible with open standards

Feature-Rich, Secure Mobile Client

Bring feature-rich, more-secure IM and presence functionality to mobile users with the Jabber BlackBerry client and other XMPP-based mobile clients. Connect instantly with other wireless and wired users. Take advantage of the convenience of instant access and response on the go, increase productivity, and improve communications.

Jabber Blackberry mobile client includes persistent group chat for team collaboration, and many additional features including:

  • One-to-one or group chat
  • Presence, contact, and group management
  • Offline message support
  • Contact searching
  • Stored chat histories

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