Cisco Zero Trust Workshops

Establish trust at the point of access

In a zero-trust security approach, every access attempt is treated as if it's originating from an untrusted source. Cisco is here to help you build trust. Join our security experts for hands-on workshops to learn how you can successfully adopt a zero-trust strategy.

About our zero-trust workshops

What are they?

Virtual workshops that can help you understand the adoption journey, engage in hands-on activities, and develop an action plan.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is responsible for security strategy, procuring security solutions, or driving the adoption of a security model. 

What to expect?

An interactive experience with practical activities and discussions that help you learn how to adopt zero-trust security. 

Choose your workshop

Workshops are tailored to varied levels of understanding and approaches to adopting zero-trust security. Pick the workshop that works best for you.

Strategy and Planning

Learn how to accelerate your zero-trust journey, perform a gap analysis, and network with peers to share strategies and techniques.

Implement and Execute

Learn how to implement a zero-trust strategy that delivers results, explore use cases in a hands-on lab, and discover best practices.