Cisco Firepower Device Manager

Protect your business quickly and easily

Manage a small-scale Firepower next-generation firewall (NGFW) deployment locally, using the web. With Cisco Firepower Device Manager (FDM), users only need to point their browser at the firewall in order to configure and manage the device. 

Features of Cisco Firepower Device Manager

Deploy with speed

With Firepower Device Manager, a guided workflow simplifies the initial setup of your device. Simply answer a series of questions about such things as the interface used to connect to the Internet, your preferred DNS settings, and your NTP server.

Easily create security policies

Firepower Device Manager provides the ability to configure an access rule in a single interface. List the source and destination, the applications you want to control, the URLs to be included or excluded, and the intrusion and file policies you want applied.

Simplified reporting

Firepower Device Manager delivers easy-to-grasp system monitoring reports. Information displays in a single screen, with green representing good, red representing bad, and gray identifying things that have not been configured.

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