Cisco Platform Exchange Grid (pxGrid)

Integrate your security products

With Cisco pxGrid (Platform Exchange Grid), your multiple security products can now share data and work together. This open, scalable, and IETF standards-driven platform helps you automate security to get answers and contain threats faster.

Capabilities and benefits

Simple integration

Use one API for open, automated data sharing and control. Cisco pxGrid can help an entire ecosystem of dissimilar, IETF standards-track technologies work together. Manage your security through a single interface.

Instant visibility for better efficiency

See your security posture more clearly and concisely. Get all relevant information and actionable intelligence on a single screen. Customize the way you share and view security data. 

Rapid threat containment

Stop any attack, anywhere in the network, immediately and automatically. With pxGrid, any connected technology can instruct the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) to contain a threat.

How to enable

Cisco pxGrid enables cross-platform network system collaboration across your IT infrastructure. Monitor security, detect threats, and set network policy. Manage assets, configuration, identity, and access.

Set up the pxGrid publisher

Subscribe to get topics of interest or capabilities from the pxGrid publisher.

Start control sharing

The pxGrid controller manages client authentications, authorizations, topics, and the subscription list.

Connect pxGrid subscribers

Once authorized, subscribers get the contextual information and alerts that you publish.


Get the strongest possible security. Cisco Services help you integrate technologies, migrate from other solutions, and optimize your existing solutions.


Advisory Services > Managed Services > Segmentation Service

Cisco pxGrid Cloud enables cloud-native SaaS

We are now enabling cloud-native security solutions to extend their capabilities. Learn how you can increase your reach and solve more customers challenges. Become a partner today.

Featured solutions and products

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