Cisco Identity Services Engine Technology Partners

Scale with pxGrid

Use one API for open, automated data sharing and control. (1:58 min)

Enabling an open, integrated approach

The Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) improves your operations and network defense capabilities with user and device contextual data, access policies, and enforcement.

Cisco ISE is helping companies consolidate their security operations through open integration with partner technologies. ISE shares its wealth of contextual identity information and allows any partner technology to block network access. It’s immediate. Automatic. Effective.

Get answers faster

Many security network technologies lack user identity or device type as part of their operations. Reacting when you do not know critical details impedes productivity and raises costs. Cisco ISE provides context at scale for actionable intelligence on a single pane of glass.

Stop attacks faster

Stop threats immediately by directing ISE to quarantine a user or device for Rapid Threat Containment. Automate your responses so you are immediately protected from threats that are clearly identified.

Easily integrate

Cisco Platform Exchange Grid (pxGrid) provides an open, highly secure system for technologies to exchange intelligence. They obtain contextual information from ISE and then direct ISE to contain threats.

Enjoy robust partner relationships

ISE works with more than 50 partner technologies. It can be an enabler for multiple use cases, from cloud access security broker (CASBs) solutions to user behavior analytics (UBA). The list of partner technologies has grown exponentially along with the demand for simplicity and automation.

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Cisco ISE Technology Partner Use Cases

User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA)

Track, collect, and assess user data and activities. (PDF - 247 KB)

Enterprise mobility management/mobile device management (EMM/MDM)

Assess posture compliance and apply network access control.

SIEM and analytics

Gain visibility into security events throughout your network.  

Identity access management

Adjust authentication policies based on risk levels and offer single sign-on.

Vulnerability assessment

Get a complete view of your vulnerabilities in a single pane. (PDF - 284 KB)

Cisco Cloud Access Security

Protect your business from risky cloud apps.

Network and application performance

Expedite troubleshooting and resolve issues fast. (PDF - 247 KB)

Firewall and access control

Detect and contain botnets quickly with precise policy management.

Cisco Rapid Threat Containment

Automatically contain malware to mitigate network risks.