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CybersecuriTEA Series

Making securiTEA accessible one cup at a time

We're making security education more accessible and fun for all in this series hosted by Cisco Secure's "Ty the Cyber Guy." Do I need 2FA? What is SASE? Each 2-minute episode covers important cybersecurity topics with jokes and insight from security experts.

CybersecuriTEA Episode 6: Why SASE, Why Now?

The pandemic drove a rise in remote and hybrid work, and now an updated approach to security needs to be considered in this new environment. So let's get SASE on this episode of CybersecuriTEA.

Episode 5: Security on the GO

We've packed this one up for you to take on your summer travels. Take a sip of "Security on the GO" to make sure your vacay isn't payday for bad actors.

Episode 4: The MFA–SSO Tango

You know what they say: It takes two to tango. What makes the chemistry between power couple SSO + MFA so strong? Find out in this episode of cybersecuriTEA.

Episode 3: 2FA and Your Digital Legacy

If all of my accounts are 2FA protected, what happens when I die or lose my phone? Morbid? Maybe, but it's a valid question. Let's discuss leaving a digital legacy.

Episode 2: How Crypto + NFT Scams Work

In today's episode of CybersecuriTEA, Ty the Cyber Guy explains NFT scams and shares some quick tips for protecting yourself in the new world of Web3.

Episode 1: CybersecuriTEA

We really want to bring you the tea on all things security. Visit our socials using the links below and let us know which topics you want to get all the tea on.

Tyrone Harmon aka Ty the Cyber Guy

Ty the Cyber Guy is an influential voice in cybersecurity, with an active presence on social media. With his video series CybersecuriTEA, Ty makes security resources more accessible to everyone.