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Cisco Excess Refurbished Product Offering

As part of the Circular Economy, we want to ensure that the value of our entire technology portfolio is optimized regardless of where it sits in the product lifecycle. Occasionally, Cisco has excess used product inventory that has a useful life, but limited demand from our traditional Authorized Channels. Continue to learn more about Cisco Refresh Refurbished Products.

What is Cisco Excess Refurbished?

The Cisco Excess Refurbished Product offering is where we sell used refurbished products that are surplus to our requirements through a select group of Excess Refurbished Customers. These companies are permitted to resell Excess Refurbished Products within the secondary market and are not traditional Cisco Authorized Partners.

  • Identified by the –WS Part Number & Cisco Excess labelling on the packaging and a sticker on the physical product itself.
  • Used inventory that includes a valid version of the IOS loaded and relicensed by Cisco.
  • Fully functional but may include down version hardware as compared to remanufactured (-RF) units and/or cosmetic imperfections.
  • Eligible for Cisco Smart Net Total Care Service, subject to Cisco’s Smart Net Total Care policies. Cisco Smart Net Total Care must be purchased through a Cisco Authorized Partner.
  • Product that is surplus to our authorized channel requirements and liquidated on to the open market as part of our Circular Economy initiatives.

Differences in Cisco Refresh lines of business

Certified Remanufactured (-RF)

Authorized Channel Partners (i.e., you are working a deal with Cisco directly) looking for Channel-supported Certified Remanufactured (-RF) products should visit the Cisco Refresh website, which is supported by your local Cisco account team. 

Excess Refurbished Products (-WS)

Excess Refurbished Products (-WS) are part of the Cisco Refresh program, but should not be confused with Cisco’s broader portfolio of Certified Remanufactured (-RF) products. -RF products are only available via Cisco Authorized Channels.  

Find a Cisco authorized partner

Find a Cisco Authorized Partner (for Smart Net Total Care purchase) in your area: 

Cisco is committed to ensuring that we approach the value of the Circular Economy and sustainability in an ethical manner.  

Disclaimer: Cisco Refresh (Cisco Certified Remanufactured Equipment) is available in more than 70 countries. Please contact the Cisco Refresh team directly for complete details.