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Changing the Game at a National Security Event

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New Ways to Communicate and Collaborate


Communications is critical during a large scale event such as the Republican National Convention. The challenge is to have all agencies collaborate more securely with no loss of communication and collaboration.


Operations centers and field personnel were provided highly secure access to the Long Term Evolution (LTE) system applications. These applications helped to support command awareness and helped enable sharing of real-time activity with executive staff and public information officials as needed. With the Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS) and Cisco Jabber applications, law enforcement officers and intelligence teams were able to receive and share live video. They could also gather information about crowd movements well in advance of media and public social networking.


Standards based LTE band 14 networking creates significantly higher levels of services for government and security personnel. This broadband network provided first responders with a highly secure way to share real-time video, voice, and data communications using smartphones and tablets. The enhanced communication between the convention leadership team and the security planning partners on the federal, state, and local levels resulted in a safe and successful event.

It's very critical to share information not only accurately, but in a timely manner with the agencies that are partnered up to provide security for the event...
- Dale Moushon
Intelligence Unit Sergeant
St. Petersburg Police Department

New Ways to Communicate and Collaborate

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