Respond Quickly and Accurately by E-Mail

Develop a cost-effective strategy to enable your contact center, helpdesk, and customer service team to intelligently and efficiently route and process inbound e-mails and Web form inquiries from customers, employees, and other users. Cisco Unified E-Mail Interaction Manager can help you meet this challenge.

See how Cisco Unified E-Mail Interaction Manager helps increase customer satisfaction while increasing agent productivity. (3:43 min)

Cisco Unified E-Mail Interaction Manager increases agent productivity through:

  • A powerful yet intuitive user interface
  • An easily accessible suite of tools that enable quick, consistent responses, including:
    • Suggested responses
    • A knowledgebase
    • Customer history
  • Full HTML support for both inbound and outbound communications and the ability to attach larger files for e-mail collaboration

Matching the best available agent and relevant response with each e-mail request is critical for improving contact center productivity. The interaction manager is a powerful visual workflow designer that enables you to quickly create your e-mail handling process and set up service-level agreement ( SLA ) triggers and routing mechanisms. Based on a message's contents, it can send an automatic response from the knowledgebase or suggest responses to the agent.

Cisco Unified E-mail Interaction Manager also provides:

  • Shared platform and infrastructure with Cisco Unified Web Interaction Manager
  • Consistent, high-quality responses
  • Value-based, personalized service
  • Robust reports for analyzing and managing operations
  • Reliable, available, and scalable service

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