Cisco Webex Edge Connect

End-to-end Webex backbone experience

Webex Edge Connect is a managed QoS-enabled peering connection from your premises to Webex. It insulates meetings from the Internet, for less congestion, packet loss, jitters, and delay. No exposure to the public Internet means you are better protected from threats.

Features of Cisco Webex Edge Connect

Enhanced meeting quality

Webex Edge Connect provides a highly consistent, reliable, cost-effective, and secure meeting experience for all.

Added security

Webex Edge Connect insulates meetings from the variability of the Internet and provides protection from potential threats.

Lower network blockage

Conduct your day-to-day core business over the Internet without worrying about interfering with meetings, and vice versa.

Simplified operations

Webex Edge Connect provides simpler implementation, easier scaling, and service management for all organizations.

Private Connection with PacketFabric

Avoid latency, buffering, and poor performance

PacketFabric's expansive network of 160 global locations offers a dedicated and private connection to the Cisco Webex Cloud with greater performance, reliability, and security with significant cost savings. 

Direct Peering with Equinix Cloud Exchange

Enhanced meeting quality and security

Equinix Cloud Exchange provides a dedicated, peering connection from your premises directly to the Cisco Webex Cloud. It provides better protection from the public Internet and potential threats and attacks.


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