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Cisco Webex Edge Connect At-a-Glance

At a Glance

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Updated:October 28, 2020

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Updated:October 28, 2020

Table of Contents




      Improve meeting quality with less network congestion, packet loss, jitter, and delay compared to public Internet-based connections

      Enhance meeting security with improved protection against potential threats and attacks

      Reduce operational complexity with simpler implementation, easier scaling, and service management

      Lower network blockage by isolating meeting traffic from other mission-critical applications

Product overview

With today’s rapidly growing remote workplace, organizations are looking for a secure collaboration solution that provides high service quality and a superior meeting experience for their employees and customers. Cisco partnered with PacketFabric, a network as a service, to deliver an optimal meeting experience with superior quality, reliability, and security via Cisco Webex® Edge Connect.

Cisco Webex Edge Connect directly and securely connects your network to the Cisco® Webex global backbone via PacketFabric. The Webex backbone is a real-time, worldwide IP network engineered for effective meetings with superior quality, reliability, and security that is nearly impossible to achieve on the public Internet or other public cloud-based services. The Webex backbone connects the entire world of Webex with a high-quality, redundant, media-optimized network. In meetings with global attendees, the traffic hops onto the Webex backbone and we manage routing your traffic. This routing isolates your meetings, removes the packets from the public Internet, and carries it on our private backbone, enabling low packet loss, low jitter, and low-latency/high-bandwidth connectivity.

Cisco and PacketFabric offer users a dedicated connection to the Cisco Webex Cloud, delivering greater performance, reliability, and security with significant cost savings.

What it does

PacketFabric improves network efficiency that can scale easily when you need it through the use of multi-service ports. With over 170 global locations, users can interconnect to Cisco Webex via a customer-owned physical network port and customer-managed virtual connections. Users can transmit meeting traffic privately through a secure and dedicated connectivity solution, avoiding latency, buffering, and unpredictable issues caused by using the public Internet.

The PacketFabric Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform allows businesses around the world to increase agility and provision adjustable bandwidth to global locations as needed. Companies experience greater end-to-end network visibility and can better manage traffic flows and troubleshoot issues locally, regionally, and globally. With Webex Edge Connect, you can be assured of a consistent, reliable, secure, and cost-effective meeting experience for all.

PacketFabric improves network

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Choose a superior meeting experience today.

Is poor performance from your existing virtual meeting solution negatively impacting your business? Get private access to Cisco Webex Edge Connect via PacketFabric. To learn more about enriching your company’s collaboration performance and experience, visit https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/conferencing/webex-edge-connect/index.html.

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