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Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewall


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Turn your entire network into an extension of your security architecture

As our business-critical applications move from our premises-based networks to the cloud and users are accessing resources from their personal devices everywhere, the traditional firewall approach no longer works. Our single network perimeter has evolved to multiple micro-perimeters, and our traditional firewall devices are being augmented by a mixture of physical and virtual appliances. As a result, organizations are struggling to operationalize these disparate security solutions to maintain consistent policies and uniform threat visibility.

At Cisco, we’re building a security platform that enables a more agile and integrated approach for harmonizing policies and enforcement across increasingly heterogenous networks. The latest generation of Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) give you the deepest set of integrations between core networking functions and network security, delivering the most secure architecture ever. The result is a complete security portfolio that protects your applications and users everywhere.

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      Leverage your existing investments with Cisco

      Enforce policies with greater security control points

      Safeguard users anywhere they access the internet

      Extend the capabilities of your network appliances for better, more integrated security

      Gain a robust set of product integrations for zero trust

World class security controls

Threats have become more sophisticated and networks have become more complex. Very few, if any, organizations have the resources to dedicate to staying up to date and successfully fend off all these constantly emerging and evolving threats.

As threats and networks become more complex, it is imperative to have the right tools to protect your data, applications, and networks. Cisco NGFWs have the power and flexibility that you need to stay one step ahead of threats. They offer a dramatic 3x performance boost over the previous generation of appliances, in addition to unique hardware-based capabilities for inspecting encrypted traffic at scale.


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Consistent policy and visibility

With the Cisco NGFW portfolio you gain a stronger security posture, equipped with future-ready, flexible management. Cisco offers a variety of management options tailored to meet your environment and business needs including: Firepower Device Manager (FDM), Cisco Firepower Management Center (FMC), and Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO).          

Cisco FDM is an on-device management solution for locally managing small-scale deployments. Cisco FMC is an on-premises solution for large deployments to centrally manage security events and policies with rich reporting and local logging. CDO is a cloud-based security manager that streamlines security policies and device management across your extended network.

Customer story | Demo



  Advanced threat intelligence(Talos)
  Cisco DefenseOrchestrator(CDO)
  Advanced Malware Protection(AMP)
  Next-Generation IntrusionPrevention System (SNORT)
  Cisco Threat Response (CTR)
  Talos underpins theCisco security ecosystem by defending your organization’sinfrastructure from maliciousandunknownthreats
  A cloud-based application thathelps you consistently manage policies across yourCisco security products
  Global threat intelligence, continuous analysis and retrospectivesecurity, point-in-time malware detection andblocking
  Industry-leading open sourcenext-generationintrusion prevention system(NGIPS)that provides enhanced security against even the most sophisticated threats to help organizations comply with regulatory requirements.
  Using threat intelligence from Talos, it automatically researches indicators of compromise and confirms threatsquickly


Why Cisco?

The Cisco next-generation firewall portfolio delivers greater protections for your network against an increasingly evolving and complex set of threats. With Cisco, you’re investing in a foundation for security that is both agile and integrated- leading to the strongest security posture available today and tomorrow.

From your data center, branch offices, cloud environments, and everywhere in between, you will be able to leverage the power of Cisco to turn your existing network infrastructure into an extension of your firewall solution, leading to world class security controls everywhere you need them.

Investing in a Cisco NGFW appliance today gives you robust protections against even the most sophisticated threats without compromising performance when inspecting encrypted traffic. Further, integrations with other Cisco solutions provides you with a broad and deep portfolio of security products, all working together to correlate previously disconnected events, eliminate noise, and stop threats faster.

How to buy

To view buying options and speak with a Cisco sales representative, visit www.cisco.com/c/en/us/buy.


Next steps

To learn more about Cisco Firepower NGFW, visit cisco.com/go/ngfw





















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