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Cisco Webex Meetings: Simple, Modern, Secure Video Meetings for the Global Workforce Solution Overview

Solution Overview

Available Languages

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Updated:July 29, 2020

Available Languages

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    View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices
Updated:July 29, 2020



     Simple video-first experiences from any device

    Collaborate effectively with customers, partners, and colleagues with integrated video, voice and content sharing

    Connect securely from anywhere on any device – desktop, mobile, web, video devices – with easy, consistent experience

    Combine Webex Rooms video devices with Webex Meetings for impressive return-on-investment, better efficiency and great experience

    Change your environment with virtual and blurred backgrounds on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows

     Simplest joining and scheduling

    No downloads and plug-ins required. Join from the Webex web app for the best browser experience, with full meeting functionality on all major browsers

    Add @webex to your meeting invitation for the simplest scheduling experience available—even on mobile devices

     Innovation at the core

    Bring Webex Assistant into your meetings for transcripts, highlights and more

    Learn about the people you’re meeting with People Insights

     Deeply integrated with your favorite tools: Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Calendar, Workplace by Facebook, and many more

     Delivered on a secure, scalable global platform for an uncompromised experience

    Highly secure, multi-layer security without compromising the user experience

    Management through a single pane of glass with Webex Control Hub

Although the digital age has made it easier to connect across borders without the cost and hassle of travel, the human connection is still critical. Video has saturated every corner of our daily interactions, from social media to personal calls with friends and family. Strong businesses start with strong relationships. And strong relationships are forged on a foundation of strong communication. That’s why Cisco Webex® Meetings puts video at the forefront of communication and collaboration to empower hundreds of millions of people put their best face forward.

Simple, video-first meetings

Simple, video-first meetings

Industry-leading video

Customize how you want to work and who you want to see in your meeting with multistream high-definition video. Add Cisco’s award-winning Webex Rooms and desk video devices to your meeting for lifelike experiences (Figure 1). You can learn about the benefits of adding Webex Rooms devices to your Webex Meetings deployment in Forester Consulting’s Total Economic Report.

Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini

Figure 1.               

Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini

Customizable layouts and views

Customize how you want to view your meeting with layout options, including active speaker plus five participants. Choose a full-screen video layout with the ability to switch to a grid view that shows equal-sized windows for up to 25 video streams at once (Figure 2). Toggle back and forth between your content share and your video, depending on your meeting preference. Easily navigate your meeting with the centralized control bar for easy access to all your meeting controls. Lock and pin individual videos so that you can focus on the participant of your choosing and see their reactions. Chat privately or publicly with participants during a meeting and monitor interest with real-time polls. Customize your look with virtual or blurred backgrounds supported on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows platforms.

See up to 25 participants in a meeting

Figure 2.               

See up to 25 participants in a meeting

Personal rooms

Meet even faster in your own personal room (Figure 3). Schedule ahead or leave your room open, lock it, and easily admit people waiting in your lobby. If you are unavailable to attend your meeting, choose an alternate host to start and run the meeting in your personal room. Save time and join Cisco Webex meetings from your Cisco Webex Teams app, or easily continue your conversations in a Webex Teams space after your meeting ends.

Document, application, and screen sharing

Share an application or your entire screen with remote attendees in real time (Figure 3). Attendees can take control and share content or annotate yours. On the go, share your content or screen from your browser, Android devices, or iPhone or iPad. With the Webex desktop app, easily share your screen wirelessly via Proximity sharing.

Customize your video and content layouts

Figure 3.               

Customize your video and content layouts

Crystal-clear, integrated audio

Offer an interactive meeting experience with Cisco Webex Meetings integrated audio—available through the Cisco Webex Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or Webex Cloud Connected Audio administered by your company or a certified service provider. You can also use a range of third-party audio options. Choose toll or toll-free, or call-in or call-back. Or give attendees the option to connect using Voice over IP (VoIP) or your computer’s built-in audio. Wideband audio support using VoIP provides outstanding audio quality—even over low-bandwidth networks.

Call me

Have your meeting call you. Simply enter your phone number or preferred video device when the meeting begins, and the meeting will call you—no dialing, no passcodes. Webex Meetings can also detect nearby proximity-enabled video systems (on-premises or cloud registered) and prepopulate those video addresses for easy access.

Simple, fast join and scheduling experiences

No downloads or plug-ins required, no dialing or fumbling with cords, codes, or integrations. Just one button to push—even on Cisco Webex video room devices. Join from any device of your choice, including desktop, mobile, browser, third-party standards-based video devices. Have a consistent meeting experience no matter how you join. Get the simplest scheduling experience on the market today, even on your mobile devices. Schedule and join directly from your desktop for the fastest entrance into your meetings. Even share content directly to your video device without having to dial into your meeting.

Hit the big green button to join all your meetings

Figure 4.               

Hit the big green button to join all your meetings

Cognitive Collaboration for meeting intelligence

Bringing voice intelligence to Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Assistant for Webex Meetings is the first digital in-meeting assistant for the enterprise. AI-powered and voice activated with “OK Webex” lets you automate common meeting tasks so you can focus on interacting with other participants. Webex Assistant for Meetings features real-time transcription and closed-captioning with leadership word accuracy, which can be especially helpful for participants who are hearing-impaired. Use one of three ways to capture specific points: Ask Webex Assistant to take a note, highlight it yourself, or automatically capture the note with pre-determined trigger words. Recorded transcripts make sure you never miss a meeting detail, and speaker labeling within the transcript lets you know exactly what was said by whom. Finally, post-meeting features let you edit highlights, notes, and transcripts; create and share meeting highlights and recaps with your team; and search all of your recorded meetings using keyword search so you can find that exact place where something was discussed. Cisco is the only provider with in-house data management, preserving your security. Other conferencing vendors depend on third parties for transcription, which exposes your data to additional security risks.

Real-time transcription, notes, and voice commands with Webex Assistant for Webex Meetings

Figure 5.               

Real-time transcription, notes, and voice commands with Webex Assistant for Webex Meetings

People insights

With People Insights for Webex Meetings (Figure 5), you’re armed with the relevant, just-in-time information you need to better understand and relate to your colleagues, partners, clients, and prospects. This information includes position, contact information, location, and even reporting structure for internal colleagues. You can also review the latest company news, including an overview, market capitalization, and stock price. Make faster connections and build better relationships, right from your meeting space. Instantly learn more about your meeting participants and the company they work for with people profiles right at your fingertips (Figure 6). You can edit or hide your information at any time, including an overview, market capitalization, and stock price. Make faster connections and build better relationships, right from your meeting space. Instantly learn more about your meeting participants and the company they work for with people profiles right at your fingertips (Figure 6). You can edit or hide your information at any time.

People Insights for Webex Meetings

Figure 6.               

People Insights for Webex Meetings

Integrated where you work

Integrated with the tools you use every day

Enjoy great meetings right where you work, using the tools you love. Webex Meetings has deep integrations with the leading productivity tools, including Microsoft Teams, Slack, Workplace by Facebook, Salesforce, and many others. Easily schedule meetings in Microsoft 365, Google Calendar, and Lotus Notes. Use single sign-on to access Cisco Webex. Meet where you learn in learning management systems such as Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, Desire 2 Learn, Sakai, and Schoology. Take advantage of integration and interoperability with Cisco collaboration products such as Cisco Jabber®, Cisco Webex Teams, and Cisco video devices.

Interactive multimedia experience

Engage your audience by incorporating multimedia into your presentations, including PowerPoint, Flash animations, audio, and web-based and video files. In addition, the multimedia experience supports third-party closed captioning services that offer streaming live text or a sign language interpreter video feed. Stream your Webex meeting via Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitter, Vbrick, and more—on any Real-Time Messaging Protocol platform—for even broader reach.

Cross-platform support

Meet with anyone on all common operating system platforms, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. Join meetings from Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Edge browsers.

Mobile optimized

Exceptional mobile experience

Enjoy a rich meeting experience with high-quality audio, high frame-rate video, and advanced collaboration tools across smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and more. Whether meeting on the go or working from home, Cisco Webex Meetings on mobile delivers industry-leading collaboration for the modern enterprise. Experience amazing ways to improve and sustain your productivity with features like custom virtual backgrounds (on both Android and iOS), optimized video sharing, and 3-D augmented reality file sharing. Use voice commands, widgets, or any of your preferred calendaring apps to easily join your next meeting. Support for Apple CarPlay, Ford SYNC AppLink, and Toyota Smart Device Link lets you take your Webex meetings hands-free in the car.

Choose virtual or blurred backgrounds

Figure 7.               

Choose virtual or blurred backgrounds

Mute/unmute and background audio noise detection

Make meetings less distracting by muting yourself, and as a host you can mute specific participants or everyone. You can also mute or unmute your audio simultaneously from either your headset or your computer. Computer call-in users can experience fewer interruptions with Cisco Webex background noise detection that can identify noises such as typing, knocking, sirens, and dogs barking, and will prompt you to mute your microphone.

Trusted security and scalability

Industry-leading security and compliance

Webex Meetings is built with Cisco’s industry-leading security expertise. A global architecture and network helps ensure speed and performance with data centers located throughout the globe, so you’ll get secure, high-quality video meetings without compromise. Webex provides the highest level of protection for meeting data with support for AES 256-Bit GCM Encryption. In addition, industry-leading data loss prevention and compliance capabilities also protect meeting artifacts including recordings, Webex Assistant transcriptions, action items, and highlights.

Recording, editing, and playback of meetings

Securely create encrypted and password-protected recordings of your meetings for future reference, training, or demonstrations. Play back meetings from mobile devices as well. Replay your recordings along with transcripts.

Advanced analytics

Get rich, real-time insights into usage, diagnostics and performance details for Cisco Webex Meetings from a single-pane-of-glass management portal. Identify user issues such as voice quality and page-load performance, and troubleshoot them before they have an impact.

Secure, scalable, and reliable service

Cisco Webex Meetings helps reduce costs and allows IT to focus on core priorities. It is a cloud service on the Cisco Webex platform, making it easy to deploy and scale as your organization grows. The global, enterprise-grade Cisco Webex platform is designed specifically for highly secure delivery of real-time applications. It offers a scalable architecture, consistent availability, and multilayer tenant security validated by rigorous independent audits, including SSAE-16 and ISO 27001. If you require FedRAMP authorization, we have that too. Learn more.


Languages supported include English, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Danish, Dutch, European Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

Cisco Webex Assist Services for meetings

Cisco Webex Assist producers help every step of the way to provide a polished, captivating presentation. Premium Assist services include a consultation and best practices advice, pre-meeting support, in-meeting assistance, and post-meeting results and recordings. Learn more.

The Cisco advantage

Teams can meet, collaborate, and stay productive anywhere, anytime, and on any mobile device or video system with the same easy, consistent experience. Cisco Webex video conferencing helps you make decisions faster, with integrated audio, video, and content sharing. Save time and money by relying on innovative, highly secure, and scalable Cisco Webex Meetings from the cloud.

How to buy

To view buying options and speak with a Cisco sales representative, visit www.cisco.com/c/en/us/buy.

Next steps

For more information, call 888-469-3239 or visit www.cisco.com/go/webex . Cisco Webex Meetings is updated regularly to meet the latest system compatibility needs. Visit www.webex.com to see the system requirements.

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