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Cisco Automation Service packs for Network Service Orchestrator (NSO) At-a-Glance

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Updated:October 23, 2019

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Updated:October 23, 2019

Table of Contents




     Simplify the day-to-day management of network applications

     Provide seamless integration based on best practices

     Boost productivity of IT staff so your resources can focus on strategic initiatives

     Accelerate time to value—no learning curve required

     Reduce complexity and speed access to functionality with DevOps methodology

     Quickly build consistency and reduce errors by leveraging Cisco and partner expertise

     Speed new service activation by accelerating the ROI of your automation investment

Accelerate automation with precision

The IT landscape is radically different than it was even a few years ago. The hyper pace of technology change coupled with the proliferation of devices and mobile apps generates more complexity. The pace of deploying technologies at scale is the cornerstone of competitiveness. Your staff is tasked with deploying new IT configurations and network upgrades, while provisioning multiple network elements concurrently. How can you keep pace while consumed with daily operations?

That’s where Cisco® Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) and Cisco Customer Experience (CX) can help. Cisco CX has designed a service, NSO Service Packs, a multivendor approach that fast tracks automation with the most frequent use cases across engineering and operations organizations. These proven best practices are enabled by Cisco and partner experts alike who quickly activate your environment with speed and precision.

Cisco NSO Service Packs allow you to focus on strategic initiatives and boost staff productivity. Your IT staff can deploy service packs like OS upgrades and Zero-touch provisioning to help build and deploy the service in weeks versus months. While you focus on projects and growing your business. Faster.

Faster ROI by simplifying and standardizing day-to-day operations

Cisco NSO is industry-leading software for automating services that makes network management and service activation simple. It allows you to add, change, and delete services in real time, without disrupting overall service.

Cisco NSO Service Packs are offered as a service to speed deployment of automation use cases. Standardized best practices based on Cisco intellectual capital are packaged for quick implementation and integration. Cisco CX has a growing library of NSO service packs to speed ROI. Below are just a few examples:

Cisco NSO Service Packs


With a yearly subscription you reap the benefits of a regular cadence of features, accelerating new service activation.

Cisco CX has a full spectrum of services for your Cisco NSO journey. Advisory and custom implementation services help you clearly map out and deploy your automation strategy. We offer Business Critical Services to drive operational excellence and Cisco Solution Support for centralized, premium solution-level service 24/7. Training services are available to your staff to operate and administer the platform. And if you need Cisco to do it for you, we offer managed services covering every aspect of NSO management, from configuration to monitoring to assurance, including 3rd party devices.

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Cisco Customer Experience accelerates your automation and orchestration journey with Cisco NSO Service Packs, so that you realize faster time to value and operating expense savings. Contact as-nso-service-packs@cisco.com for more information and to get started today.

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