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Cisco Crosswork Network Automation At-a-Glance

At a Glance

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Updated:February 9, 2022

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Updated:February 9, 2022

Table of Contents



Simplify your operations, spark your business

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are at the nexus of a number of significant changes. New 5G-driven apps and services, the continued adoption of connected devices, digitization of everyday activities and services, and the emerging hybrid workplace will all lead to an increase in both the volume of traffic and types of services CSPs need to deliver.

Successfully emerging from this sea change hinges on the speed and precision with which CSPs meet these challenges and this is where automation of operational processes plays a central role:

      Execute process at machine speed, with high operational efficiency and repeatable quality

      Bridge and synchronize business and IT processes to improve customer experience

      Provide analytics to improve decision-making and speed fault resolution

Cisco Crosswork Network Automation is a portfolio of tools designed to give your organization the ability to move quickly and precisely in this dynamic business and technical environment. The portfolio is built around three operational tenets:

      Visibility: Monitor and verify customer experience

      Insights: Gather and correlate data to identify trends and patterns

      Action: Automate process and increase operational cadence

Cisco Crosswork Automation's Key Operating Tenants

Figure 1.            

Cisco Crosswork Automation's Key Operating Tenets

Crosswork is designed with modern low/no-touch operations in mind. It is multi-vendor and multi-domain, centered on programmatic control and access to data, and spans both cloud/SaaS and on-prem tooling. The tools encompass the full-service lifecycle end deliver a closed operational loop that includes planning and design, implementation, and on-going monitoring and assurance.

Communication Service Providers that have deployed Crosswork's automation tools have realized measurable benefits including:

      60% improved capital efficiency

      66% better operating expense utilization

      85% faster time to deploy a service

Begin transforming your network operations today

Cisco Crosswork network automation allows you to start with simple but impactful use cases and grow scale, scope, and complexity of your automated workflows as your needs grow.

Service providers will find great value in Cisco's network automation portfolio, so we encourage you to visit the website or contact your Cisco sales representative to schedule a demonstration.




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