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Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud

NOTE: This product is no longer being sold.

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Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloudview expanded image

Expand Cloud Responsiveness and Flexibility

Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud expands uses of cloud technology beyond infrastructure, giving you a foundation for organizational transformation. Delivering a smooth transition beyond provisioning virtual machines, this solution automates sophisticated data center and standard business processes from a single self-service portal.

Boost Efficiency and Innovation

See the benefits of Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud. (4:04 min)

Get Even More from Cisco IAC

Cisco Cloud Accelerators expedite use cases beyond infrastructure as a service (IaaS).


Features and Capabilities

Get Beyond IaaS Quickly

Many companies like yours have reaped the benefits of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). You now want to increase cloud penetration across more sophisticated IT and business portfolios. To do this, you need a unified cloud platform that can deliver any type of service—in a self-service manner—across mixed environments.

Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (IAC) is the solution. Its comprehensive cloud management platform delivers a wide range of services from underlying infrastructure to anything-as-a-service. Transform the way you evaluate, procure, and deploy IT and business services with Cisco IAC.

Cisco IAC contains the following elements for successful cloud management:

Self-Service Portal

Deliver an online shopping experience for users with the self-service portal and service catalog. Built-in governance delivers price quotes at the time of service order selection. After deployment, the portal tracks and reports service consumption to users throughout the service lifecycle.

Network Services Automation

Out-of-the-box templates across network topologies and applications automate virtual network services and lifecycle operations across Layers 2 through 7. Cisco IAC maintains relationships and lifecycles of tenant organizations, users, and applications tied to network services. And it eliminates manual preprovisioning or demand-based provisioning through trouble tickets that extend time-to-value by weeks.

Tenant Segregation

Safely segregate tenants within shared container environments. Each container supports customized branding and backgrounds for each tenant. Administrators can set tenant quotas and assign service pricing specific to each tenant's requirements.

Provisioning and Management

Extend to additional hypervisors and cloud providers, and tailor service costs and hypervisor type to project requirements. This is possible with out-of-the-box provisioning and management of Amazon EC2, OpenStack, VMware vCloud Director, vSphere, and Cisco UCS Director.

Financial and Portfolio Management

Extend automated financial and portfolio management across multiple cloud environments and suppliers. Set pricing and budgetary limits ahead of time to avoid unexpected bills from service providers or to lock down services available to tenant organizations. Price quotes created for one-time or hourly cycles across single or multiple tenants.

Easy Addition of Cloud Accelerators

Cloud accelerators snap directly into the Cisco IAC framework, which means customers can immediately consume richer use cases.

Extending the breadth of cloud coverage is a major data center trend. Cisco IAC can help your organization get beyond IaaS and prepare you to quickly deliver any service your organization needs.

NOTE: This product includes software developed by Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley, and its contributors.

Specifications at a Glance

Minimum Hardware Requirements
Component Server1
Cisco Process Orchestrator Server2
CPU 64-bit 2.8 GHz or higher core (Quad core recommended)
Memory 2 GB minimum (8 GB or higher recommended)
8 GB of RAM (if Microsoft SQL Server is installed on same machine as Process Orchestrator)
Disk space 1 GB of available hard disk space dedicated to Process Orchestrator (2 GB or higher recommended)3
Cisco Prime Service Catalog
CPU Intel Core 2 Dual processor or equivalent
Memory 4 GB RAM
Disk space 40 GB free hard disk space
Cisco Prime Service Catalog Database
CPU Intel Core 2 Dual processor or equivalent
Memory 4 GB RAM
Disk space 50 GB free hard disk space4
Cisco Service Provisioner
CPU EM64T, Intel 64, or AMD64
Memory 512 MB
Disk space 40 GB5

1 For Client hardware requirements, refer to the Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud data sheet.
2For complete installation prerequisites, refer to the Cisco Process Orchestrator Installation and Administration Guide.
3For the disk-space sizing formula, refer to the Cisco Process Orchestrator Installation and Administration Guide.
4The disk space requirement depends on the projected size of your service portal databases over time to account for growth in user data, service definitional data, transactional data, and reporting data.
5For additional information about scoping disk space, see the Cisco Service Provisioner documentation on LinMin.com.

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