Cisco AVS 3100 Series Application Velocity System

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Enriched Performance for Web Applications

You can use the Cisco AVS 3100 Series Application Velocity System to significantly lower the cost of Web application deployments by accelerating performance and optimizing server and network resources. In addition, more business transactions are achieved per minute, eliminating the need for local data centers. Acceleration is accomplished by reducing latency and bandwidth required for any given Web application. Optimization is achieved by off-loading tasks from the server, such as SSL encryption/decryption, compression processing, and redundant request from the server.

Strong Security for Web Applications

The system also delivers an integrated Web application firewall ensuring vital corporate resources are safeguarded. It can be deployed easily and rapidly by network security professionals, making the product an ideal solution for immediate risk remediation for all enterprise applications. With unprecedented application-layer visibility, the AVS 3120 provides real-time threat detection and analysis with no-risk network deployment options.

  • Network latency mitigation: Reduces the inherent latency associated with WAN deployments of Web application. The AVS 3100 Series systems improve user response times by 200 to 500 percent.
  • Bandwidth reduction: Minimizes the network bandwidth required by the Web application. The AVS 3100 Series enables your company to realize a 70 to 90 percent typical reduction in bandwidth usage.
  • Server offload: Increases application server capacity by offloading low-level communications and SSL transaction tasks. With the AVS 3100 Series, your organization can obtain 80 percent typical reduction in server cycles, greatly increasing the effective capacity in your data center.
  • Web application firewall: Protects applications from application layer attacks and threats. The AVS 3100 Series helps secure mission-critical applications and also defends against identity theft, data theft, application disruption, and fraud.
  • Application monitoring: Monitors application performance from client to server, helping to ensure issues are quickly identified and resolved.

This optimization eliminates delays and the need to upgrade network bandwidth or servers. The Cisco AVS 3100 Series also provides the ability to view, in graph format, the locations of application bottlenecks, which allows you to troubleshoot problems more quickly.

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