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Data Center Application Services

Unify Your Network and Compute with Applications

Unify Application Delivery Infrastructure

Deploy a cost-effective and simplified application delivery infrastructure with the updated Cisco Application Control Engine (ACE) for the virtual data center. This solution suite integrates applications with primary data center components, such as switches, routers, and computing platforms. The latest update to the ACE suite includes:

The ACE suite helps unify applications with the underlying computing and networking infrastructure.

Virtualize Application Delivery Controller

Cisco Application Control Engine offers a virtualized architecture that is closely aligned with the virtual data center. This product delivers a broad set of intelligent Layer 4 load-balancing and Layer 7 content-switching technologies integrated with innovative acceleration and security capabilities.

Get Consistency, Simplicity, and Portability

As a component of Cisco Unified Network Services, Cisco ACE offers flexibility and options. Across network and compute environments, it delivers:

  • Consistent policy-based provisioning
  • Operational simplicity
  • Workload portability

Cisco ACE is an integral part of the Cisco Data Center Business Advantage framework, which delivers compelling business value.

Improve Virtual Machine Availability

Cisco ACE offers:

  • Virtual machine intelligence, with the ability to monitor and react to virtual machine changes
  • Automation, including automatic service deployment and removal
  • High performance, which helps you create application delivery infrastructures to meet increased demands
  • Flexibility, with the ability to deploy services within and among data centers

Other important products include the Cisco Application Networking Manager and the Cisco ACE 30 Application Control Engine Module.

Overcome Virtual Application Challenges

Learn how IT organizations use virtualized application delivery controllers. (PDF - 178 KB)

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