Process Platforms

Digitize Your Business for Success

Gain insights and take action in a hyper-distributed world

Connect and Optimize Distributed Operations

The Cisco Connected Processes software helps connect and orchestrate operations across your enterprise and partner ecosystem – from business and supply chain partners to IT vendors and customers. These platforms provide secure cloud-based environments that bring together highly distributed systems of applications, infrastructure, and connected things to streamline and optimize your operations.

Connected Processes

Connect and orchestrate operations and workflows throughout your enterprise and partner ecosystems.

  • ServiceGrid: Our cloud-based integration platform provides a scalable, highly secure, and fast way to connect your service management ecosystem.

Simplify How You Connect Distributed Systems and Processes

Digital businesses promote innovation by enabling new partnerships and interactions across their value chain. However, enabling these new interactions requires integrating highly distributed systems and processes.

Cisco Connected Processes software helps you quickly integrate and automate workflows within your organization and across your partner ecosystem. These platforms provide a highly secure, cloud-based environment that brings together applications, infrastructure, and new connected things.

You can:

  • Reduce time and costs linked to integrating processes, creating new applications and scaling partner ecosystems
  • Collaborate and build better relationships with your partners, customers, vendors, and service providers by sharing systems and data
  • Increase transparency to better manage service-level agreements and vendors
  • Improve innovation and deliver new user-centric experiences

Cisco's Connected Processes software includes Cisco Automation and Integration Platform and ServiceGrid. These software platforms simplify how you connect processes in a hyper-distributed world so you can enable new interactions and business outcomes.